Meat-FREE — FULL in everything else! 5 meat alternatives that you should AVOID at all times (BETTER ALTERNATIVES OFFERED)

Meatless meat? Yes, please! If you are vegetarian or vegan you are definitely familiar with countless meat-free options across different grocery stores in the UK. But did you know that some of the meat substitutes can actually do more damage than good to your health and well-being?

Based on the recent findings by Nuffield Council on Bioethics, which is an independent body advising policy-makers, some of the meat-free options are often highly processed and filled with salt to strengthen and enrich the taste.

The meat-free market is growing as more British switch to plant-based alternatives either to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, reduce the consumption of meat as a way to improve their health and well-being, or simply be a part of a positive change in the world. But the concern here is that most of these conscious customers are not aware of the fact that in some cases these products may result in a worse outcome than expected, even though the labels state the products to be ‘green’ or ‘healthy’.

Don’t get us wrong! The plant-based diet can be a great way to improve both your health, but only when the right meat-free products are chosen.

Keeping this concern in mind, we have covered 5 meat-free products that should be excluded from your shopping list and 5 alternatives that should be picked instead of them!

  1. Meatless Plant Based Burger — grown in a chemical plant?

Cannot resist going to Mcdonalds or Burger King, but consider that a home-made burger would be a healthier option? Sorry to disappoint you here, but this highly processed plant-based burger may have no soy and gluten in it, but a full package of saturated fats and additives! If it’s not made in Mcdonalds, then in a chemical plant, we assume.

2. Pea & additives based Like Meat Smoked Sausage

These sausages may taste like meat and pea, but will you feel the taste of saturated fats and additives in them? Probably not, but it’s in there. Just be aware.

3. 12 meat-FREE balls — FULL in everything else

Did the Plant Chef accidentally spilt the salt cellar over these meat-free balls? If that’s been done on purpose, this is pretty concerning.

4. Vegan pie with fake chicken — you better choose an ordinary pie

This vegan pie may taste like real chicken, but with the levels of saturated fat reaching over the roof it’s better to consume it just with the mushrooms, don’t you think?

5. Meat-free sausage rolls — rolled in additives & saturated fats?

100% plant based, but 136% of saturated fat containing sausages rolls are definitely not the best option on the shelf. Although pea protein and couscous might confuse you that the product is rich in nutrition, don’t be easily fooled.


  1. Bacon alternative — meat-free slices made from mycoprotein

These Quorn bacon style rashers are not only high in protein, low in saturated fat (as stated on the packaging), but also contains 0% of salt!

2. Quick (almost) guilt-free dinner with a meatless jerk

Craving for a rich meat-free meal, but have no time for cooking? This Bol Caribbean Jerk Dinner Box is not only quick to prepare, but a healthier solution — the meal box is low in saturated fat and added sugars!

3. Meatless mince for your appetizing burger steak

If you are still craving a burger and got upset with the nutritional information that hides behind plant-based burgers (the first ones on the list) — here is a solution! Devote some time for cooking and prepare nutritious home-made burgers using this Quorn mince — it’s low in saturated fat and sugars!

4. Meat-free Bolognese for you spaghetti

Cannot imagine Italian pasta without the bolognese sauce? This is a meat-free solution for you! This sauce is low in saturated fat and contains 0% of additives. Molto bene!

5. Cauldron Foods Tofu — versatile for faking almost any meat dish

Cauldron Foods Tofu — versatile for faking almost any meat dish

If you are a vegetarian or vegan — tofu is the God of your kitchen! If you are consuming it quite frequently, just be sure to pick the best option on the shelf. This Cauldron Foods Tofu is 100% organic and contains 0% of salt. Feel safe to use it for faking any meal dish that you’re secretly craving for.


First, we found these meat-free options at grocery stores ( you can find them across Tesco, Morrisons or Sainsbury’s in the UK) and scanned them with the JollyGut app:

The app instantly showed that the product is vegan or vegetarian! It also provided other nutritional information that should be taken into account before purchasing the product:

The highlights:

For experts:


With JollyGut you don’t need to analyse complex ingredient lists and get frustrated wondering whether the chosen product is right for you — just check the product with the app or Browser extension and it will warn you whether the product meets your dietary preferences or not!

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